Real real estate November 20, 2023

Highly illogical

Spock – and Sarek and Data – were correct when they classified humans as highly illogical. And the things that happen to them too.

I have a friend. How about that for a thrilling start? We met over a decade ago when our kids started competing in gymnastics together. During this time, she and her husband started to adopt seriously ill young children in China. One of these beautiful souls nearly succumbed while waiting for a blessed donation of a heart. I remember sitting with her one night in the hospital. Her daughter, was surrounded with tubes and machines and the whirring EMCO machine. I can still feel that feeling of wonder. Wondering what amazing technology and medical skills were at work here. Wondering if there would be a miracle. Wondering what gives her the strength to persevere. And even wondering why I was there.

Happily, there was a miracle. A tragic miracle that brought life to this courageous little one. I can still feel that joy.

We reconnected and I was brought heavy by grief as I learned her husband had been given a terminal diagnosis. An icky kind of incurable disease. I can’t seem to shake a different type of wonder. It’s not like someone needs to get a disease. And why, why, does the Lord work in such mysterious ways? It’s not logical.

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