Real real estate August 17, 2023

An Open House on a Lot?

The hot summer season is the off-season here in the Gulf Coast area of Florida. It’s the slow season for visitors, snowbirds, and even us! But, I got the idea to have an Open House on a lakefront lot I have for sale just down my street in Burnt Store Lakes. 

So, I did. I had an Open House on a lot.

I made an invitation and posted it to all my groups, had my broker send it out to all the agents, and sent it to my sphere…

Then the work started on my Open Open House.

  • A 20 by 20-foot tent – check
  • A 20-foot-wide banner of a beautiful custom home – check
  • Ice chest with still and bubbly waters – check
  • Table, chair, flyers, prizes, handouts, snacks, healthy dog treats – check 
  • Colorful balloons, games, and of course, tunes. 
  • Putting up beaucoup signs. 

Some who I saw slowed down as they looked down the road as though they realized that it wasn’t a house, just a lot. 

Most of my Open House visitors were friends, clients, and neighbors.

Thankfully the weather wasn’t frightfully hot (‘real feel’ of 105 degrees) because there was a nice breeze. I drank about 6 of those waters. 

The best part was just getting to know my community and connecting with potential buyers. 

I’m so grateful that the people around here are so kind. 

Thank you.

Anybody wanna buy a lot?