Real real estate August 5, 2023

Open House Weekend

It’s a sultry 93-degree day.
It’s so hot there’s nobody out
like The Specials Ghost Town

Downtown Punta Gorda with woman standing near wood carved totemEvery day is a work day. When you’re starting in the residential real estate business in the Florida area that got walloped by a hurricane last year, there’s not much of a choice. I’ve found that meeting people face-to-face seems to be my best option.

I’m only decent on the phone (truth be told, this career choice has been a real kick in the pants for my phone skills). I have had to work between my ears to even put myself on camera. I just made my first Open House video, and so I’m writing my first blog.

I feel a little like Ted Lasso, having a skill set that is not quite right for this job. There is a lot of tweaking.

What about leads? I’m new to the area and don’t know too many people here. That’s not helpful if most of the folks you know are also real estate agents. But, I do like sports and the gym and I’ve made a few friends on the pickleball courts. Yay.

While I can get leads, after a couple of months, I let go of all my leads. Those people aren’t qualified and primarily looking for the cheapest trailers around. I batted 0/17.  Worse than a LHP.

My last lead from Rocket Mortgage turned out to be a total scam. The name matched the records, but things just started not adding up. When I went to the lot there was a partially completed million-dollar house on it. Hmmm. On the phone, they mixed up the first name and last name. Hmmm. I don’t want to make people send me a copy of their driver’s license, passport, or deed. When I’ve asked, the obviously doctored documents are just a sad testimate to the levels people will go to steal. One copy of a driver’s license plainly showed the cursor arrow on the screen.

This weekend I’m working the Open House circuit. Open Houses make your clients happy and it’s a great way to work with other brokers and agents in your brand’s offices and host their listings open. This weekend I’m hosting one of my listings and one of someone else’s.

Open Houses aren’t just showing up sitting at a table for me. I greet the clients at the door and tour them around the home and yard. Yep, just like I’m a host and they’re a guest. And before that happens, there is work to be done.

Once the 20 signs are out, I get to be in the cooling air conditioning at my Port Charlotte listing. Next, I vacuum and Swiffer all the tile floors to clean up the detritus and dog hair. I get out the water bottles, snacks, ice cream spoons and napkins. I take a video. I put out my sign-in sheet, Open House flyer, and listing printouts. Then I put my map, local booklets and fliers, and flyers with info on my other listings. I hook up the speaker which starts to play a little Depeche Mode. I take that as a good sign while I hope my signs are doing their trick.

Then it’s time for the 3 Ws — watch, wait, and work.